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Split Airport – Omis

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Omis is a nice city in central Dalmatia. It is situated at the mouth of the river Cetina, 26 km from Split in direction south-west. A good way of arranging transport from the Split airport to Omis is to pre-book a private transfer, here you a few guidelines which might be helpful.

There are two routes from the Split Airport to Omis, regardless of which company you choose for your Omis transfer, the driver should know which routes is most suitable on the day of your transfer.

Route 1: this route follows the coast and is 41 km long which will take you about 47 minutes to get to Omis. During summer season, especially on weekdays, it can get very crowded on this route and particularly when you approach Omis you might get stuck in traffic and wait for a while. In this case, your driver should pick route number 2.

Route 2: this route is a little bit longer than the first one (15-20 minutes), but with the traffic jam in summer, it is an excellent alternative. When you have passed the bridge on the river Zrnovnica after Stobrec, you turn left. This road will lead you up the mountain through some nice places and nature. At the moment it is being expanded, but it can still be used.

Although the route number 2 is longer, it can come in very handy during summer traffic jams.

If you wish to request a quote for a transfer from the Split Airport to Omis, you should fill out the form below, your mail (request) will automatically be distributed to several transfer companies offering transfer from Split Airport to Omis. If you wish to read our disclaimer you may find it here.

You can check prices and pre-book your transfer here.

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