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Rijeka airport – Novi Vinodolski

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The city of Novi Vinodolski developed out of a fort called Novigrad. It is situated in the region of Kvarner. After Opatija, it became one of the first tourist destinations of this area. The city has a rich cultural heritage. A good way of arranging transfer from Rijeka airport to the city of Novi Vinodolski is to book a private transfer in advance. Here you will find a few guidelines which might be helpful.

There are three routes from Rijeka airport to Novi Vinodolski and no matter which company you choose for your transfer, the driver should know which route is most suitable on the day of your transfer.

Route 1: This route is the shortest one. It is 29 km long and one part comprises the coastal road. If you take this route you will get to Novi Vinodolski in 33 minutes.

Route 2: This route comprises a continental and a coastal road. It is 33 km long and it would take you 43 minutes to get to Novi Vinodolski.

Route 3: This route is actually a continental road. It is the same in length as the second route, but if you take it, you will come to Novi Vinodolski in 49 minutes.

If you wish to request a quote for a transfer from Rijeka airport to Novi Vinodolski, you should fill out the form below; your mail (request) will automatically be distributed to several transfer companies offering transfer from Rijeka airport to Novi Vinodolski.

You can check prices and pre-book your transfer here.

As an alternative to a transfer you also have option to rent a car, a large selection of car rental offers you can find here.

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