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Pula Airport – Cres

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Cres is the biggest croatian island, situated in Kvarner bay. It is connected by a suspension bridge with the island of Losinj. The biggest town on the island is Cres. The island is known as a natural habitat of the griffon vulture which is endagered. What is also famous on the island is the lake Vrana which is the main source of drinking water for the whole archipelago. A good way of arranging transfer from Pula airport to the island of Cres is to book a private transfer in advance. Here you will find a few guidelines which might be helpful.

There are altogether 3 routes from Pula airport to the island of Cres and they all include taking a ferry, but only one of them is the most suitable.

Route 1: this route goes from Pula airport to Brestova where you are supposed to take a ferry. The distance between the airport and Brestova is 58 km, which is a 53 minute drive. When you come to Brestova you take a ferry which will in 30 minutes take you to Porozina on the island of Cres. From Porozina, you will have to find a means of transport to go around the island.

You could use the other two routes, but the thing is that they are longer, so the first one makes more sense.

If you wish to request a quote for a transfer from the Pula Airport to Cres, you should fill out the form below; your mail (request) will automatically be distributed to several transfer companies offering transfer from Pula Airport to Cres. If you wish to read our disclaimer you may find it here.

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