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Dubrovnik airport – Makarska

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Makarska is a well-known Dalmatian city situated along the coast between Split and Dubrovnik. A good way of arranging transport from Dubrovnik airport to Makarska is to pre-book a private transfer, here you a few …

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Split Airport

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Zadar Airport

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Zagreb Airport

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Dubrovnik Airport

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Pula Airport

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ACI marina Simuni

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The ACI marina Šimuni on Island Pag, is located in a quite bay at the western side of the island, the address of the marina is Šimuni b.b.,23251 which is not very accurate, so it is better to use the following GPS co-ordinates 44.471771, 14.952218 if travelling there by car.

Travel from Croatian airports to marina Simuni:

The most optimal airport to pick when travelling to marina Simuni is undoubtedly Zadar airport which is located about 75 km from Simuni, which equals a driving time of 1 hour 15-30 minutes depending on traffic conditions. You can see prices for a transfer from airport Zadar to Simuni Marina on Island Pag here.

The nearest alternative airport (in terms of travel time) is the airport in Split which is located about 175 km from Simuni, the travel time is around 2 hours and 15 minutes. Private taxi transfer prices from Split airport to Simuni you can see here.

From the other 4 airports in Croatia, there is the following distance and travel time.

Rijeka airport is located 130 km away, when travelling the route which include the ferry crossing from Žigljen to Prizna, the trip via the Paški most is 260 km.

Zagreb airport is about 243 km from the marina when travelling via Žigljen to Prizna and 325 km when you travel around.

Pula airport is 245 km from Simuni via Žigljen to Prizna and more than 400 km when travelling via the Paški most, same goes for Dubrovnik airport.

You can check prices and availability of transfer cars and minibuses from any destination in Croatia to marina Simuni here.

Island Pag

View on Pag town from road towards Novalja

Travelling to marina Šimuni on Pag with train or bus:

Getting to marina Simuni by train is not possible as there is no trains on Island Pag, the nearest train station is in Zadar, which is more than 65 km away.

Travelling with bus to marina Šimuni, is basically possible as there are buses passing on the main road (600 metres from marina) between Pag town and Novalja, but as the number of buses are limited it is not what you would define as hassle free travelling. From mainland the buses are connected to Zagreb, Zadar and Split, in all 3 cases the drive from the main bus stations in the cities and NOT from the airports.

ACI Marina Vodice

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Marina Vodice

The ACI marina Vodice is located in the centre of town, at the following address Artina ulica 21. The following GPS co-ordinates will take you to the marina entrance 43.757793, 15.780018. The nearest larger city …

ACI Marina Skradin

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marina Skradin

The ACI Marina Skradin is located by the outflow of River Krka, just a few km from the beautiful national park Krka waterfalls. Address of the ACI marina is Zagrađe 15,22222, Skradin, GPS: 43.816747, 15.921732. …

ACI Marina jezera

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How to travel to ACI Marina Jezara on Island Murter?
The ACI Jezera marina is located on Island murter at the following address, Obala Sv. Ivana 47, GPS: 43.783906, 15.642922. The nearest “larger” towns are Sibenik …

ACI Marina Dalmacija Sukosan

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How to travel to Marina Dalmacija in Šukosan?
The Marina Dalmacija is situated in Šukasan / Bibinje which is 11 km south of Zadar, the second largest city in Dalmatia.
When arriving with plane you have option …

Transfer Split Airport – Marina Kastela

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Marina Kaštela is the newest Croatian marina, situated between the city of Split and Trogir. From Split airport to Marina Kastela there is only 8 kilometres distance, but also in the summer months on this …

Rijeka airport – Novi Vinodolski

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The city of Novi Vinodolski developed out of a fort called Novigrad. It is situated in the region of Kvarner. After Opatija, it became one of the first tourist destinations of this area. The city …

Rijeka airport – Senj

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The city of Senj is situated at the slopes of the mountain Velebit and Kapela from which blows the strongest bura (wind) of all the Croatian cost. The symbol of the city of Senj is …

Rijeka airport – Opatija

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Opatija is an Istrian city situated at the foot of the mountain Učka. It developed around the Benedictine abbey of St. Jacob. Today it is a famous tourist place specialized in congress tourism. A good …

Rijeka airport – Crikvenica

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Crikvenica is a town situated in the Kvarner bay. It is 33 km away from Rijeka in direction south. With its mild climate, fresh air and abundant vegetation, Crikvenica is an ideal place to spend …

Rijeka airport – Rijeka

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Rijeka airport is actually situated on the nearby island of Krk. The city of Rijeka is the third biggest city in Croatia and the biggest port. The most developed kind of tourism is nautical. Rijeka …

Dubrovnik airport – Baska Voda

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Baska Voda is a famous tourist place on the Makarska rivijera, situated only 2 km from Brela in direction south. It used to be a place of fishermen, seaman and merchants. A good way of …

Dubrovnik airport – Mostar

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Mostar is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it lies on the bank of the river Neretva. It is famous for its Stari most (Old bridge) which is together with the historical center of …

Dubrovnik airport – Brela

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Brela is a little but famous tourist place on the Makarska Riviera. It is characterized by the crystal clear sea and 6 km of pebble beaches. Its pine woods are a protected cultural heritage. A …

Dubrovnik airport – Orebic

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Orebic is a place on the peninsula of Pelješac which is the second biggest Croatian peninsula. In the town you can find many beautiful sandy beaches. The hill of Saint Elijah which is behind the …